Varėnos pienelis

We don't change traditions

"Varėnos pienelis" is a viable and booming dairy plant set up in 2004, surrounded by forests, sandy plains, and rivers, which means that the production takes place in healthy and clean environment. The company's employees aspire to meet various consumer needs; therefore, the company expands the range of goods every year by producing different high quality products.

"Varėnos pienelis" offers the following products:

  • Sour cream and sour cream products;
  • Cheese and cheese products;
  • Natural and chocolate glazed curd cheese bars;
  • Various sorts of curd cream (sweet, salty, and others)
  • Kefir and kefir products;
  • Yogurt.

"Varėnos pienelis" is mostly proud of its range of natural and chocolate glazed curd cheese bars. The diversity of recipes of these products never winds down and satisfies even the most delicate palate. In order to ensure excellent sense of well-being and health of consumers of our products, we seek continuous improvement through implementation of innovative technologies and development of healthy dairy products.

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Colleagues, business partners, buyers of our products, friends!

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